GM, Honda to Resurrect the Forgotten Hydrogen-Powered Car at Reasonable Consumer Price

(Photo : REUTERS) General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson

GM and Honda has announced that because of an resurfaced interest in hydrogen-powered cars, they will be putting aside their rivalry, which was to design the hydrogen fuel-cell technology, in order to make them.

"Honda and GM are eager to accelerate the market penetration of this ultimate clean mobility technology," Honda chief Takanobu Ito said in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

"I am excited to form this collaboration to fuse our leading fuel cell technologies and create an advanced system that will be both more capable and more affordable."

Both car companies will work to combine their unique hydrogen-powered technology, which includes GM's Hona's hydrogen tech for the Clarity, and GM's battery technology for the Chevrolet Volt.

According to USA Today, "Now, GM and Honda will combine to produce a common power plant powered by hydrogen, which itself is usually produced from natural gas. They are trying to bring a product to market by 2020. Honda, on its own, will bring another version of its Clarity fuel-cell car to the U.S. by 2015."

Additionally, in a statement to USA Today, GM CEO Dan Akerson said, "This collaboration builds upon Honda and GM's strengths as leaders in hydrogen fuel cell technology. We are convinced this is the best way to develop this important technology."

The history behind hydrogen fuel research has waned over time, with automakers finding that the technology was very expensive for the public; therefore a lot of companies didn't see revenue.

Honda and GM stated that they would be working with suppliers in order to make the cars more affordable to consumers, and will work with the government and stations in order to design equipment that will "feul" the cars.  

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