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'Smart Homes'? Control Your House with a Wave of Your Hand [VIDEO]


TV fans are used to digging through the couch cushions in search of the remote.

But what if you didn't need a remote in the first place?

New technology out of the University of Washington would allow you to channel surf, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature or complete any number of other tasks in your house with simple hand gestures.

Dubbed "WiSee," the system could make your home a lot "smarter" in the years ahead, Scientific American reports.

Gamers are already familiar with a similar technology made popular by Microsoft with its Kinect add-on for the Xbox, which lets users control their game console with hand gestures.

But unlike Kinect, WiSee doesn't use motion-sensing camera. Instead, it uses a modified wireless router to analyze slight changes in Wi-Fi signals inside your home.

The technology could eventually allow users to control electronic devices, even if they're in another rom.

Soon you may not have to shout to tell your room mate to turn down the TV volume while you're trying to sleep. Instead you can quiet things down yourself with a flick of your finger or a wave of your hand.

Check out a video demonstration of the technology below.


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