Facebook Login, Home, Friends, Search: Company Accused of Leaving Out Important Details in Information Leak Scandal

(Photo : REUTERS) Facebook may have left out some details in the security scandal

Facebook regretfully announced last week that personal contact information of 6 million users were leaked because of a technical bug, but now according to a group of security researchers, the incident is possibly worse that originally thought.

Packet Storm Security is the security firm that initially reported the bug to the social media site, informing them that people who used the "Download Your Information" tool may also gain assess to the email and phone numbers of their friends, even if the friend hadn't publically published it on their Facebook page.

Although Facebook, in turn, contacted the affected users to tell them that their info had been compromised, Packet Storm Security is claiming that the company is yet to tell the public the whole story.

"We compared Facebook email notification data to our test case data," Packet Storm Security said, according to the Huffington Post. "In one case, they stated 1 [one] additional email address was disclosed, though 4 pieces of data were actually disclosed. For another individual, they only told him about 3 out of 7 pieces of data were disclosed.

"[Facebook's] statement that 'No other info about you was shown' seems to be a red herring," Packet Storm continued. "We asked Facebook what this means for non-Facebook-users who had their information also disclosed. The answer was simple - they were not contacted and the information was not reported. As a billion users upload their contacts, their associates on and off of Facebook will all become stored and correlated," the security group continued.

In a report by ZDNet, Facebook declined to respond to Packet Storm Security.

To see what else Facebook knows about you and your friends, click the video below.

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