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Aaron Hernandez Charges: Double Murder? [UPDATE]

(Photo : REUTERS/Mike George/Pool ) New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is arraigned on charges of murder and weapons violations in Attleborough, Massachusetts, after being arrested, June 26, 2013. Hernandez, a 23-year-old rising football star with the New England Patriots, was arrested by police in a murder investigation and fired by the team on Wednesday, another blot on the National Football League's tightly protected image.

In the wake of Aaron Hernandez's charge with murder, authorities are investigating a possible connection to a double murder that occurred in Boston last summer. 

ABC News, The Boston Globe, and USA Today are reporting that the case being examined is a drive-by shooting death that took the lives of Daniel Abreu and Safiro in July. 

Investigators are tying Hernandez to the murder because of his involvement in a fight at a club with the two men the night they were killed. Later on, an unidentified person shot at Abreu's SUV, killing both Abreu and Furtado. According to USA Today, the case remains unsolved. 

Hernandez was charged with the murder of a 27-year-old semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, who was found shot near Hernandez's home.  He is currently being held without bail; he will appear before the Bristol County Superior Court on Thursday to appeal the ruling.

Prosecutors say that they have footage of Hernandez showing his gun to friends, saying that he was upset and could not trust anyone anymore. 

More details continue to emerge about the second accusation involving Hernandez.


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