Do iPad Tablets Make Consumers Smarter? Study Shows that Users Believe They Do

(Photo : REUTERS) Survey shows that people who are tablet users are likely to think that they are more intelligent

Owning an expensive Apple tablet like the iPad doesn't necessarily make you more intelligent than other people, but according to a study conducted by Wakefield Research, users of such devices tend to think they are.

In an experiment that was released to Yahoo News from Next Issue Media, fifty-six percent of people surveyed believed that they were more knowledgeable than their friends when it came to current events.

This was particularly prominent in subjects who where tablet owners, as 69 percent of them believed that they were more informed than their peers.

"Owning a tablet may be one way to boost your news-confidence," said the study that will be released Wednesday, according to Yahoo News.

52 percent of those tablet owners in the same survey were reported as saying that that have actually pretended to know information about a particular story in order to impress their friends, showing that the confidence tablets give their owners can also result unnecessary pressure.

Only 27 percent of subjects who do not own tablets admitted to doing the same thing.

The study continued by saying that not only are tablet users more likely to lie about their knowledge of the news, but they are also more likely to fall for "fad" diets at forty-two percent, while only 19 percent of non-tablet users would do the same.

This is ironic, considering they believe themselves to be more knowledgeable than those around them.

Yahoo News concluded by explaining one similarity between tablet and non-tablet users: 70 percent of users said that they would "find any opportunity" to argue about news events regarding politics, sports, and entertainment.

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