'The Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Says Daryl And Aaron Are Not Best Friends Yet

Norman Reedus and Ross Marquand
(Photo : Facebook/The Walking Dead) While "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus doesn't consider Daryl and Ross Marquand's Aaron as BFFs yet, the actor thinks that his fan-favorite character does trust his recruiting partner.

While Daryl and Aaron have definitely grown closer to one another during their first trip as recruiting partners outside the walls of Alexandria, "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus said that the two characters are not best friends yet.

"What makes people say they're such buddy-buddies? They really haven't done any buddy-buddy stuff," Reedus, who plays the crossbow-wielding character, told Yahoo News. "It's just going on a run."

The 46-year-old actor thinks that Daryl is open to the possibility of forming friendship with Ross Marquand's character, but he's not really sure if Daryl is being "full-blown friendly yet."

"People asked me, 'Why would Daryl sacrifice his life for Aaron? [when they were surrounded by walkers in the car during the booby trap sequence in the Season 5 finale], and I'm like, 'What makes you think Daryl's going to die?' Daryl just thought... he was going to take the heavy load and go first," he explained to the outlet. "He thought both of their chances would be better if he was fighting and Aaron running for the fence."

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"I don't necessarily think he was laying down his life for this dude, and I don't necessarily think that they're best friends yet," the hunky "The Boondocks Saints" star explained.

Reedus echoed the same sentiments in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying, "I don't know that he thought he was going to die. [Laughs] You know what I mean? He was probably like, 'This might hurt a bit,' but I think he thinks he's going to make it out, or at least have a better chance of making it out than Aaron."

While Reedus doesn't consider Daryl and Aaron as BFFs yet, he does think that his character trusts Aaron. "I do feel like Aaron's actions speak louder than words, and everything he says has been honest and everything he's said has come true, so I do trust him, and I do like him," he told Yahoo News. "I'll trust him until I don't trust him again. He definitely has the I-trust-you pass right now."

"The Walking Dead" is expected to return for its Season 6 in October.

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