Design & Trend's Top 5 Designs From The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

AD Home Design Show 2015
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This year's Architectural Digest Home Design Show has come and gone, but we've still got our eye on these brands for their outstanding quality, originality and commitment to craft.

We aimed to select the products that were timeless in both design and function. We selected the five pieces below for not only their aesthetic appeal but for the consideration behind their construction, their materials and their manufacturing process.


(Photo : Design & Trend-Perkins + Will setting)
A setting from Perkins + Will from DIFFA's Dining by Design at the AD Home Design Show



Timelessness is synonymous with quality, and we can't think of wanting to invest in a piece or appliance that is not only beautiful and thoughtfully designed but also relevant in both its form and function. Read on to see our top 5 pieces from the show — noted for their craftsmanship, design detail, relevance and, of course, their timelessness.


Cross Flame Pro
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1.  Caliber Appliance's grill, the Crossflame Pro TM

You might not consider a grill when thinking of craftsmanship, however Caliber may prove you wrong with its optimized Crossflame Pro model. This product will definitely meet every grilling need for the summer. The Crossflame has stainless steel burners, a jet burner ignition, 25,000BTU infra-red sear burner and even a rotisserie burner with a smoker tray. It has wood side and front panels and trays that extend out on either side for extra plate space.


The Galley
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2. "The Galley" Sink Ideal Kitchen WorkstationTM

 At first glance, this product resembles a regular counter space with sink, but it's actually a multifunctional  workstation that allows one to wash, cut, clean, cook and serve, all in one 2'-7' counter space. While the Galley sink ranges in size, all models include a 10" deep, double-tier single bowl kitchen sink made from stainless steel which includes a patented culinary kit. The culinary kits are made up of interchangeable accessories and include colanders, mixing bowls, cutting boards and drain racks, all items that can be inserted directly into the sink space and can slide from one end of the space to the other. It's pretty much a host or hostesses' dream, ideal for cleanup management and entertaining, where one can prepare, serve, entertain and cleanup all in one place. 


(Photo : Design & Trend)
DAMM's Artemis Hanging Lights


3. DAMM Design's "Artemis" hanging light

It proved difficult having to pick a favorite from this design duo, as their lamps and chandeliers were all equally impressive. We did find that the design couples' "Artemis" light truly stood out though. Made from solid brass and fletched with real feathers, the piece is a grouping of downward-facing arrows with the tips of the arrows being the source of light with soft, glowing bulbs. The Artemis piece can be made to order with a single arrow or even a cluster of arrows. All of DAMM Designs pieces are made in the company's studio. Partners Robert and Brenda Zurn both boast impressive backgrounds in art and furniture design. The couple succeeds in integrating a sculptural element into all of their lighting and design products and look to "craft, material, history, nature and exploration."


Pendleton Designs
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4. Pendleton Design's Dining Table

With an extensive background in woodworking, courtesy of his father, furniture designer James Thorpe knows his stuff when it comes to the quality of a raw material. Thorpe's 96"-long wood-slab dining table is evidence of this expertise. The table is live edge and made from Nottingham forest oak burl with cherry pegs and a black walnut base. The designer uses signature custom butterfly joinery pieces to hold together the natural splits in the pieces of wood (the splits are a testament to the quality and the age of the wood). Thorpe's pieces are meant to be touched, and they have an extraordinarily nostalgic feel to them. He maintains all pieces with quality joinery, one of the key elements in any good furniture design.


Tucker Robbins
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5. Tucker Robbins' Porcelain Hollow Zig Zag Stools

Robbins defines the art of collaboration with this particular piece as a leading example. The zig zag stool is inspired by Mayan church columns from Chajul, Gautemala. It was first carved by the Oku tribes of Cameroon and then again in porcelain by ceramic artists in Peru. All of his pieces are made using sustainably harvested and reclaimed materials. Robbins is a man who has a unique approach to sourcing and design, scouring the globe for craftspeople and artisans to add to his growing global design community. He maintains that cultural barriers can be crossed with the complete cooperation and understanding that is born out of collaborative design work. The designer also strives to cultivate and protect ancestral craft and tradition by fostering relationships with tribal chiefs and village craftsmen in Guatemala, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Cameroon. 

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