10 Tech Gadgets To Enhance Your Business and Lifestyle – From The iWatch To An iRobot

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(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)


As the majority of you may already know, Apple released updates on the iWatch (#8) — the company's latest endeavor in wearable technology that claims to be "the most personal product" that Apple has ever made.

The high-quality watch design introduces face customization to present accurate time, new convenient ways to communicate through physical dimensions, an amplified "activity app" to track personal fitness and, of course, a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic.

But as this new year continues to unfold, Apple isn't the only company introducing a new wave of advanced tech products for the everyday consumer. We've rounded up some of today's latest gadgets to hit the marketplace as well as those in pending release. Whether you are prone to spending time at home or in the office, all of these creative gadgets are bound to transform your daily routine. 

Beginning May 2015, an affordable 3D printer will be accessible to everyone thanks to New Matter (#2), the startup in charge of developing the easy to use MOD-t. One of the first household, mass produced 3D printing device includes complimentary software and an online store offering a wide range of 3D-printable designs.

Companies are redefining their businesses with powerful tools like Flapit (#1), the marketing device that displays your social media fan base with a focus to generate offline consumers to join your online community. The rectangle-shaped gadget can be placed in a store window or business lobby, connecting to all major social media platforms and informing passersby of the businesses' growing online following.

Today, we are all very much attached to our smartphones and tablets, and, at times, even attempt to operate them all at once. But thanks to Logitech (#7), a "multi-device," wireless keyboard, we can save our hands. The keyboard can be adapted to any device, be it your computer, tablet or smartphone and presents a more convenient way to communicate from each one. The design creates a comfortable way to relay messages and operates efficiently with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS products.

With our complete dependency on the proficiency of our tech devices, we rely on them to sustain a good battery life. We can all recall a situation where we have been desperate to find a nearby outlet in the wake of a charger left at home. But fear not, there is no longer a need to panic when that battery gets low — Helios Smart by Solpro (#5) has come to the rescue. The high-performance power bank stores energy from the sun through a built in solar panel and USB charge port that works with your smartphone, tablet and music player. 

Solpro isn't the only company you can thank for making life a bit easier. Soon, you can express your gratitude to the iRobot, Ava 500 (#9), your next future coworker. The Ava 500 iRobot is a free-standing, virtual collaboration robot that acts as a telepresence for workers in globally dispersed organizations. With an automated navigational system and an LCD screen that glides along on a pivoting base, the iRobot uses telecommunication to resolve the issues of flubbed communication between parties, allowing a seamless connection between fellow coworkers and senior executives. The iRobot also assists in scheduling meetings, relays conversations without glitches or interruption and can apparently be operated from an iPad, ultimately eliminating the need for company travel. Ava 500 truly encapsulates the booming evolutions being made in our generation; welcome to 2015.

For the days you aren't spending behind office doors, take the Nixie outdoors. The selfie drone is the new and improved selfie-stick, minus the stick. Nixie (#6) is indeed a drone that is worn as a bracelet. On command, it detaches itself from your wrist to fly above ground, captures and records your preferred action shots and videos, then flies back down to reattach itself to your wrist. Sort of like a tech fashion accessory with boomerang capabilities. 

When the day eventually comes when you'll be too focused on finding the proper setting to capture your Nixie selfie, perhaps you would be smart enough to bring along your friendliest companion to join you: Your dog. But what are you to do when she sprints off while you're preoccupied posing for the camera? Don't worry, there's a device for that as well. 

The New Deal Design has developed the Whistle (#3), the ultimate tracking tag for man's best friend. The stainless steel cap is designed to securely fasten around the dog's collar, providing owners with not only GPS on its whereabouts but insight into the state of the animal's health. The tracking tag measures physical activity as well as the animal's consumption of water, unveiling the everyday habits of your pet and providing you with the necessary information for you and your Vet.

Check out our full Top 10 list below to find out more information, and when these innovative products will be available for purchase!


1. FlapIt - Pre-Order: $299.00

(Photo :

2. New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer: $249.00 - $899.00 (Estimated Delivery May 2015)

(Photo :

3. New Deal Design - Whistle Dog Tag: $99.00 (Amazon Price

(Photo :

4. ZUtA Labs - The Pocket Printer: Special Pre-Order $199.00

(Photo :

5. Solpro - Helios Smart: $159.00 


(Photo :

6. Fly Nixie - Flyable Camera Drone: Price Unknown (Coming Soon)

(Photo :

7. Logitech - Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480: $49.99

(Photo :

8. Apple - 18-Karat Yellow Gold Case Midnight Blue Classic iWatch Edition: Price starts at $10,000 (Available April 24)

(Photo :

9. iRobot - Ava 500/Video Collaboration Robot: $2,500 - $69,500 (Lease/Purchase Options)

(Photo :

10. Hammacher Schlemmer - The Photo To iPad Scanning Dock: $119.95

(Photo :



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