Apple iPad Isn't Perfect: Microsoft Visionary Bill Gates Finds Flaw

  • May, 07, 2013, 06:05 PM
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Microsoft chairperson Bill Gates took a shot at the Apple's product, saying, iPad users are "frustrated". Frustrated because of tablet's lack of functionality and productivity applications, and he was listing Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro tablets, and more vitally, the Office suite of applications, as the cure for those ills.

When the Microsoft co-founder and former CEO spoke about the declining PC market, this morning on CNBC, he said that the line between tablets and PCs is blurring.

"With Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to gain market share in what has been dominated by the iPad-type device. But a lot of those users are frustrated. They can't type. They can't create documents," said Gates, according to ZDNet "So we're providing them something with the benefits they've seen that has made that a big category, but without giving up what they expect in a PC."

"If you have Surface or Surface Pro, you have the portability of the tablet, but the richness of terms of the keyboard, Microsoft Office of the PC," he added.

Some solution providers agree with Gates. Brian Goddard, owner of GTechserv in Charlotte, N.C., says the Surface Pro is a superior offering compared to iPad.

"We look at the iPad as more of a secondary device rather than a primary device," he said, according to CRN.

The iPad just works for surfing the web, light emailing, videos, and some games. It is like a stereotype.

"The Surface Pro is definitely a good fit for businesses because it has the horsepower and the apps that a straight tablet doesn't have. So I'd agree with [Gates]-the iPad is more of a consumption device rather than a productivity device," he added.

On one hand, Microsoft's Surface has sold in very small volumes relative to the iPad.

On the other, NPD believes that by 2017, tablets will be outselling notebooks by as much as six to one. Perhaps, Gates and Steve Ballmer want to be a bit tablet player-making a tablet that is as powerful as a PC. Consumers want something a bit more lightweight right now. With a PC industry that has grind to a halt, Microsoft is certainly profound to redefine its position within the industry to keep the dollars flowing in.

Moreover, Microsoft announced this week that it has sold over 100 million licenses of its Windows 8 software.



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