Monica Lewinsky New Vimeo Web Series 'Monica' Tells Story Of Her Post- Sex Scandal Life In New York: First Two Episodes Released [WATCH]

Monica Lewinsky
(Photo : Getty Images/ Nick Elgar ) A new six-part web miniseries, "Monica" launched its two first episodes on Vimeo.

Monica Lewinsky deserves a bit of sympathy. After all, her infamous sex scandal with former United States President Bill Clinton has defined her entire life. She was ruthlessly slut-shamed and led to a lot of psychological distress.

Now a new six-part web miniseries on Vimeo, "Monica," aims to provide a compassionate look Lewinsky's post-scandal life, when she moved to Manhattan in 2001 as a 27-year-old trying to begin her life again.

Series director Doron Max Hagay told The Fader, "I began to empathize with Monica, whom I saw as gravely hurt and misunderstood."

"I love melodrama, especially the films of Douglas Sirk, so crafting a narrative with a female protagonist whose desire to control her destiny and regain a semblance of normalcy, which fits in in the intensely emotional realm of melodrama, was exciting to me," she continued. 

In the first episode of the series, Lewinsky, played by Lily Maratto, almost seems to echo Lena Dunham's "Girls" character, Hannah Horvath, in both her awkwardness and the way she carries herself.

During the episode she is taking a private yoga lesson wearing her famous black beret, and she must address the "elephant in the room," which is, of course, the sex scandal.

In the second episode, a casual stroll through the park turns into a verbal attack on Lewinsky. She then ends up in her publicist's office talking about making a documentary.

Maratto did a lot of preparation for her role as Lewinsky.

"I watched and read many interviews with Monica, but rather than doing on a dead-on impression of her, I aimed to recreate her essence ... I searched for a leather jacket and pantsuits that I thought she would have worn. I imagined myself as a young hurt woman who just wants to have a successful career and be able to window shop in the West Village without people staring and talking about her," she told The Fader.

Watch the first two episodes of "Monica" below.

The next episode of "Monica" will be up on Vimeo on March 2.

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