Google Glasses: However, Will Make a Breakthrough

  • Apr, 30, 2013, 07:30 PM
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Google Glasses is stimulating both anticipation and contempt. Explorers have the device while developers are picking up a chance to port their existing platforms to these $1,500 glasses. Early reviews have begun to flow in and you might have even seen the Glass in person by now.

Prototypes of the new devices are now out for testing with about a thousand early users worldwide. It can take pictures or videos of what wearers are seeing and display information floating a few inches in a small screen visible to them above their right eye. Google has suggested they may go on sale sometime next year.

Robert Scoble, one of the first testers, who is notably energetic about all new technologies, said after two weeks' testing, according to the Guardian, "I will never live a day of my life from now on without it. It's that significant."

The team at Project Glass has uploaded a brief (60-second) how-to video, giving you a chance to step behind the tiny display for a point-of-view preview. Google shows how to navigate the UI with the long touchpad on the side, taps for selecting things and scrolling through cards, and more. If you are in need of a tutorial or have a minute to spare, take a look at the clip below.


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