'The Following' Season 3 Premiere SPOILERS: Episodes, Plot And New Cast Characters Revealed [WATCH]

Ryan Hardy "The Following"
(Photo : Fox/Facebook) Ryan Hardy will be out for blood when "The Following" season 3 premieres on March 2. New spoilers reveal the two-hour premiere episode names and the guest stars that play a role in the plot. Mark finds himself teamed up with a killer couple, but are they really the biggest threats for the FBI during the 2015 season?

"The Following" season 3 premiere doesn't air until March, but SPOILER sources have located new information about 2015's first episodes. Not only do fans now know the names of both premiere shows, but there are also plot hints and descriptions of this season's new characters.

Details arrive at Design & Trend first and foremost by The Futon Critic. That TV resource reveals the entire plot synopsis of season 3's first episode. Titled "New Blood," there isn't much to read that previous spoilers haven't already covered. With Joe Carroll now in police custody, Ryan Hardy is initially able to move on and find love in his life. However, the synopsis suggests that a "series of brutally staged tableaus" prove that "Carroll was only the beginning."

In our last spoiler update, Design & Trend discussed the possibility that Joe's mentor, Strauss, may have a new student. If previous casting reports are to be believed, that character could be named Theo and is played by "Almost Human's" Michael Ealy.

As for the second hour of Fox's "The Following" season 3 premiere, Spoiler TV says that plot is titled "Boxed In." The synopsis is somewhat vague, but reveals new characters named Andrew, Kyle and Daisy. Andrew has some connection to Ryan Hardy and the FBI but is suspected to be working undercover for Mark Gray. As for Kyle and Daisy, their casting was reported by TVLine in October. They're described as "a murderous couple [unafraid to] go to extreme lengths to keep the spark alive in their relationship."

According to season 3 premiere plot spoilers, this "Following" cast pair associates with Mark directly but becomes a major source of tension in the opening episodes. As a result, Ryan finds himself in a situation where "the truth is the only thing that will set him free."

It's worth noting that previous trailers and spoilers for "The Following" season 3 place heavy emphasis on the truth as a theme for 2015's plot. Ryan Hardy tells the court that there was no criminal wrongdoing in the capture of Joe Carroll, but his adversaries believe otherwise. In fact, eager fans have already seen quick cuts of the phrase "Ryan Hardy lies" written in blood.

Of additional note is the episode title "Boxed In." In all likelihood, the namesake probably refers to the mysterious box featured in a teaser not too long ago. Those that missed it can watch the full clip above!

"The Following" season 3 premiere begins with a two-hour event March 2 on Fox.

What excites you most about "The Following" season 3 premiere? What character, cast and plot hints could these spoilers provide about the first two episodes? Tell us your theories in the comments section!

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