Conan O'Brien And Jeff Bridges Om The Night Away [VIDEO]

Jeff Bridges, Conan
(Photo : Twitter - @TeamCoco) Jeff Bridges taught Conan O'Brien how to om on last night's 'Conan'

Jeff Bridges omed like a Tibetan monk on last night's episode of "Conan."

A Super Bowl ad featuring Bridges omming a man and woman to sleep aired Sunday, a commercial that terrified O'Brien. "It scared me," the talk show host said Thursday night.

(Listen to Bridges "Sleeping Tapes")

Bridges thus decided to have a good old fashioned omming session with Conan and his audience.

The group-humming further disturbed O'Brien. "I was panicked the entire time," he said afterwards. "That was not calming for me at all."

Watch the video:

In addition to om therapy, Bridges is also a practitioner of transcendental meditation, which is one of the reasons he chooses, consciously or unconsciously, to play such hippie-ish characters.

"I don't know if it's coincidence or fate that that aspect of my own life -- that's kind of the first way I approach all the characters I play," he said in a recent interview with the Huffington Post. "What are some aspects that line up with my own life? Sometimes I'll magnify those or kick them to the curb. Meditation is something I'm interested in and that applied to some of these recent characters. 'The Giver,' I guess, probably did a lot of meditation."

More meditation was perhaps needed before Bridges decided to do "Seventh Son," a new fantasy film which has been eviscerated by critics, earning a 9 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Asked why did the movie, Bridges said, "I'm a big fan of myth, of Joseph Campbell and author Robert Johnson. Myths are these ancient stories that, if we pay attention to them, we can learn quite a bit about our current situation. This is the myth of the Seventh Son having special powers. That was intriguing. And reading Joseph Delaney's book 'The Spook's Apprentice' [upon which the movie is based], I really enjoyed that. Sergei Bodrov directed our film, knowing that he was going to be the head of this deal, and of course Julianne [Moore] coming on board."

"Seventh Son" marks Moore and Bridges' first collaboration since "The Big Lebowski." While it had been nearly two decades since they'd worked together, Bridges said it felt like "a long weekend."

"There was a sense of having a long weekend between jobs, but it's been 17 years," he said. "She remembers it very well because she was pregnant during 'The Big Lebowski' and her son's now 17 years old, so that's a constant reminder." 

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