Ecological Shield Feat McDonalds Fast Food and Architecture- Protects Customers from Neighboring Fuel Station

  • Apr, 04, 2013, 02:24 PM

(Photo : Giorgi Khmaladze)


For most residents in North America, McDonalds is great fun, but this particular location of the Golden Arches in Batumi, Georgia is certain to be like no other food dive you have seen before to have a satisfying Filet-O-Fish meal and an ice cream cone for dessert.

KHMALADZE Architects designed this futuristic glass-clad fuel station and McDonalds in this new urban center.

(Photo : Giorgi Khmaladze)
(Photo : Giorgi Khmaladze)


Visiting McDonald's immediately call-to-mind images of this worldwide fast food franchise's iconic red and gold colors, but cheers to the creative work of the design team, this Batumi, Georgia McDonald's location is showing that fast food, artistic and overall competence make a potent mixture for an amazing dining experience.

To this end, the designers separated two programs, while vegetation planted on the planked shelter acts as an "ecological shield" that protects diners from the fuel station.

(Photo : Giorgi Khmaladze)


Given the task of designing a facility that combines the monolithic three-story fast food joint and fuel station in the middle of a busy city center in Batumi, the KHMALADZE Architects designed this building with decks jutting out from intermediate spaces between the three levels, which include an open-air terrace that overlooks the neighborhood. Moreover, if not for the sign out front, you would never guess this place serves double cheeseburgers.

Certainly, if you did not know about a place called Betumi, Georgia, you do now!

(Source- Inhabitat)



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