'The Following' Season 3 Sneak Peek: Cast Reveals Plot Details And Scary Villains In Season Premiere [WATCH]

"The Following" Joe Carroll
(Photo : Fox/Facebook) "The Following" returns to Fox on March 2, but apparently Joe Carroll won't have much to do with the premiere. A new sneak peek at future episodes reveals the rise of new adversaries and complicated relationship situations with past cast members. While season three will be a good chance for viewers to experience a fresh start, it will still feature the trademark scares that have come to define the show.

A fresh sneak peek of "The Following" season three has emerged courtesy of Fox. It uncovers many exciting plot details for future episodes including scary villains, new cast members, and complicated situations for returning characters.

The sneak peek first emerged on TV Guide, but has since found its way to Design & Trend.

Speaking of villains, a major plot aspect relevant to "The Following" season three is the emergence of new adversaries. As Ryan Hardy actor Kevin Bacon puts it, the first two seasons of the show were mostly concerned with Joe Carroll's legacy. With that dubious serial killer now behind bars, Bacon mentions that season three will feature some "really scary bad guys" that offer newcomers and existing fans alike the chance to start fresh. That being said, the story will still revolve around the same kinds of scares that audiences have come to know and love.

It's also worth mentioning that many of "The Following's" premiere cast members will reprise their roles in season three as well. As was previously reported by Design & Trend, Mike Weston's Shawn Ashmore says that Max Hardy and Mike are no longer together. Instead, Max has cozied up to Gbenga Akinnagbe's Tom. He has been described as "a handsome and charming Hostage Rescue Team agent for the FBI."

Also in the family of relationships is a new love interest for Ryan. The woman, named Gwen, is an ER doctor and mother played by "Homeland" alum, Zuleikha Robinson. While sparks may fly in "The Following's" premiere episode, it's surmised that Ryan's quest for cult killers could eventually put the pair in jeopardy.

Clearly, Bacon wasn't exaggerating when he said that "The Following" season three would continue the series' longstanding tradition of "complicated characters."

As far as further plot details concerned, those hoping for the return of Joe Carroll need not fret. Past interviews have revealed that the much beloved killer will make an appearance or two as the plot of season three unfolds. That being said, it appears much of the episodes' focus will be placed on the malice of Michael Ealy's character named Theo.

As suggested by the sneak peak, "The Following" season three returns with a two-hour season premiere on March 2. Like all previous episodes, it will air on Fox.

What did you think of the new sneak peak? Do these new cast and plot details make you any more excited for season three? Let us know in the comments section!

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