Liquid Graphite Paintings by Artist Colette Robbins

  • Mar, 21, 2013, 08:54 PM


(Photo : coletterobbins)


New York based artist Colette Robbins created a Pencil Portrait series with the infusion of depth and textures using an ancient technique improved by old master glaze painters.

(Photo : coletterobbins)
(Photo : coletterobbins)


Colette dissolves her graphite powder to create a rare watercolor painting style in her pencil portrait series 'Archaeological Fiction.' Her complex works on paper lies somewhere between the medium of drawing and painting. 

Firstly, to coat slowly and orderly, the dissolving technique requires layers of glaze and graphite. Then, Colette uses a Dremel sanding tool on the design to add highlights and other details.

(Photo : coletterobbins)
(Photo : coletterobbins)


Thoroughly detailed, these tools allow her to create dark and uninhabited landscapes, with imagery of disintegrating architecture and old sculptures that have collapsed. Amazingly dreamlike, the paintings display an imaginary and mystique world. 

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