Pose to Hanging Lamps With Camera Lens by Mónoculo Design Studio

  • Feb, 14, 2013, 10:50 AM



(Photo : Mónoculo Design Studio)


Mónoculo Design Studio presents a lamp with wooden replica of a reflex camera lens where lens hood can be reverse mounted or removed.

(Photo : Mónoculo Design Studio)
(Photo : Mónoculo Design Studio)


The handcrafted lamp from alder wood has fine finishing with water-based varnish and beeswax.

(Photo : Mónoculo Design Studio)


According to Trend Hunter, its design is 100% eco-friendly. Moreover, the lamp includes a ceiling frame with a stainless steel cable and a red wrapped power cord.

(Photo : Mónoculo Design Studio)


For any photography lover, it would make an excellent gift or it would serve as a memorable touch to any room's decor.

While the creativeness for this hanging lamp may seem rear, the finished product is admirable. You can get one on Etsy. 



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