Surface Pro, Despite Two Major Defects, Sold Beyond RT Tablet

  • Feb, 09, 2013, 10:28 PM



(Photo : Brooke Crothers)


Los Angeles- Surface Pro was sold out immediately after released.

Earlier today, at many retailers including Microsoft's online store in the US, the 128GB model was out of stock as per reports. The report added that Staples and Best Buy had no 128GB model stock left.

In other words, Surface has a following.

(Photo : Brooke Crothers)


According to Forbes, 4 and 6 hours of battery life and the storage available to the users of the 64GB and 128GB Surface Pro were the biggest talks in LA Store. Only 89.7 GB remains on 128 GB Surface Pro, since Windows 8 subtracts from 128 GB and portion of the disk set aside for recovery.

Though consumers are less excited about the new product and have no idea about the number of devices in stock,  Surface Pro was sold out immediately. 


11.6-inch Acer Aspire S7 touch-screen laptop
(Photo : Brooke Crothers)


According to Forbes, the Surface Pro is not the only cool Windows 8 device on sale at the Microsoft Store, the 11.6-inch Acer Aspire S7 touch-screen laptop was a tempting alternative to the Pro that was on sale.

According to Slashgear, those who want a Surface Pro can still order the 64GB version. Even though lower actual-available storage space is a drawback, consumers can buy a microSD slot that is available for storage expansion.


So, what is good about Surface Pro?

Surface Pro is an improvement over Surface RT. The tablet has an Intel Core i5 processor. You can still use it as a PC once you attach a keyboard. Moreover, the tablet has a 10.6-inch screen and includes the Type Cover keyboard dock that doubles as a case. The tablet will come in models with 64GB and 128GB of storage.

According to CRN, customers that are more commercial are interested with Surface Pro, a touch tablet with full windows functionality. Microsoft has certified nearly 2,000 unique Windows 8 devices since the operating system launched last October.

According to PC World, general manager for Microsoft Surface, Panos Panay wrote, "The power and speed of Intel's Core i5 processor, coupled with the detailed engineering design from our Pro team, really brings you the power and performance of a laptop PC, all in a tablet package," in an entry on Microsoft's new Surface blog.

Moreover, chief financial officer for Microsoft's Windows unit Tami Reller told Bloomberg that Microsoft will scale the storage space over time, but right now they are focused on designs that have been built do have commercial availability and commercial success.

Surface Pro is thick, heavy with palpable mass weighing 2 pounds and having high resolution on a 1920 by 1080 pixel screen. The coolest part of the Surface Pro is the excellent keyboard cover for an extra $100, which is thin and light, but manages to include real keys and a small touch pad.



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