Apple’s Macbook Air Isn’t Everything, For Everything There Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro

  • Feb, 08, 2013, 04:04 PM
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Microsoft's Surface Pro, despite of heavy criticism in the media, primarily over poor battery life and the high cost of ownership, is an improvement over Surface RT and has a vastly better screen and Ultrabook-caliber components.

According to ZDNET, you could pick up a MacBook Air for around the same price as a Surface Pro, but then you have to get Windows on it. Moreover, Surface Pro is a portable computer for writing and has stability software and other engineering applications.

On the other hand, according to Maximumpc, neither upgraded Surface RT models nor any other devices will you see a 7-inch version to compete with the likes of Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

As far as the space goes, the 64GB Surface Pro would only deliver 23GB of usable closet. Though 23GB is enough storage space for a number of large application installs, costing $899 is not acceptable by many. Could Apple or Android get away with 23GB for $900? No, it is too much.

According to PCMag, when Microsoft was questioned about the price being so high, it said, "Surface Pro is perfect for the person that wants a MacBook Air and an iPad, but doesn't want the weight or hassle of both devices,"

"We didn't skimp on the performance you need to run a business but gave it to you in a very portable package," the team added.

Nevertheless, chief financial officer for Microsoft's Windows unit, Tami Reller told Bloomberg, "We will scale [the storage space issue] over time, but right now we're focused on making sure the designs that have been built do have commercial availability and commercial success, and we'll stay focused on that for the short-term."

Moreover, an Apple Insider considered Surface Pro is worth comparable.

Earlier, a new research said that those who work in information would prefer a Microsoft Pro rather than an iPad. According to phonearena, among 9,766 "information workers," 33% of them responded Windows to Forrester Research, 26% picked the iPad, and only 12% would pick an Android tablet for work.

Slashgear, in the past few weeks, had close and personal look at the Microsoft Surface RT as well as the Microsoft Surface Pro, and it was only after our review of the Pro model that they found comparing and contrasting with the MacBook Air.


Intel Core i5 processors and an Intel HD graphics 4000 card, and a 4GB of RAM standard are the similarities in both, Surface Pro and Macbook Air.


Surface Pro is thick and heavy with palpable mass when compared to Surface RT and the latest 9.7-inch iPad. Both computers are featherweights, but iPad weighs 1.5 pounds whereas, Surface Pro weighs 2 pounds.

Operating System

Windows 8 has mixed reviews. It is new and different from previous versions of Windows, built specifically for mobile computing. However, OS X Mountain Lion is a fine operating system.


Surface Pro's 1920 by 1080 pixel screen have a much higher resolution than the 1366 by 768 pixel screen on the 11-inch Macbook Air. The Surface also supports 10-point multitouch input and a stylus.


When it comes to battery life, the Surface Pro lasted 4 hours and 58 minutes, on PCMag's battery rundown test, while Macbook Air has 5 hours of battery life.


The coolest part of the Surface Pro is the excellent keyboard cover, which is thin and light, but manages to include real keys and a small touch pad, whereas, Macbook Air has a very ordinary keyboard and trackpad.




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