New Low-Budget iPhone Will Be Made of Plastic, Leaked Photos Show iPhone 5 and iPod Touch Components [SEE NOW]

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New leaked photos surfaced of the rumored low-budget iPhone that may be coming out sometime this year.

New leaked photos surfaced of the rumored low-budget iPhone that may be coming out sometime this year.

According to iLounge, the cheap iPhone will be made "substantially from plastic."

The photos show that the budget iPhone's dimensions are just barely larger than the iPhone 5's. It will be around a half-millimeter taller and a half-millimeter wider, and almost a millimeter thicker. The most significant change will be the curves. [SEE PHOTOS HERE]

"No, it won't just be a Retina-and Lightning-equipped refresh of the iPhone 3G or 3GS, Apple's last plastic iPhones, nor will it look just like an all-plastic version of the iPhone 5," wrote Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief of iLounge. "This new model is actually a cross between the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, and... wait for it... the iPod classic. Yes, really. It will have a 4" screen, like the iPhone 5, a bottom like the latest iPod touch, and a shape that's most similar to the iPod classic."

The new iPhone will have an 1136 x 640 screen with the front glass sticking out just a little, just as it does with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. It will have Gorilla Glass. The curves start and end at flat surfaces, so each side and the back are flat, according to the report. There are some differences when it comes to the back of the phone with the camera, lightening port, bottom microphone, and speaker.

According to CNET, the low-cost version will sport a 4-inch, 1,136 x 640 pixel Retina Display and use the new Lightning interface. Reports said that the price of the budget iPhone can be anywhere from $99 to $250.

Other reports suggest that the low-budget phone will be coming out this year. According to Digitimes, Apple will roll out the low-cost phone in the second half of 2013. Another Digitimes report said that the next iPhone may be made of entirely plastic or a mix of plastic and metal.

Rumors say that Apple is preparing three phones, which are the "iPhone Math," a 4-inch iPhone 5S, and a third phone that will feature a 12-megapixel camera.

Rumors say that the next-generation iPhone 5S (or 6) will run on iOS 7 with a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, NFC, and "possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+ 128GB storage." It may also come in 6-8 colors, similar to the iPod Touch, and will be thinner and lighter than its previous version. It will also feature fingerprint technology.

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