'Windows Phone's' Lack Of Apps Not A Problem? Journalist Says 'Mac OS X' Support Is Worse Than Microsoft's

Microsoft Lumia 830
(Photo : Microsoft/facebook) October's Microsoft Lumia 830 may not be backed by the world's biggest app store, but one journalist argues that that's not "Windows Phone's" biggest problem. A fresh editorial suggests that platforms can be successful even when their app stores have bombed. He uses Apple's "Mac OS X" desktop storefront to prove his point.

One "Windows Phone" journalist recently fired back at a common criticism that Microsoft's mobile platform doesn't have enough apps to carry its weight. He does so by comparing the "Windows Phone" store to what currently exists on Apple's "Mac OS X" app platform.

This is not to be confused with Apple's immensely popular "iOS" App Store, which currently houses over 1.2 million free and paid programs for Cupertino fans to download. Instead, writer Adam Lein of Pocketnow has chosen to compare "Windows Phone's" app offerings to what can be downloaded on Macbooks and iMacs.

The comparison may sound a bit unfair at first, but Lein bases his argument on the fact that both the "Windows Phone" and "OS X" storefronts emerged in 2010. Since their respective launches, "Windows Phone" has enjoyed an excess of 300,000 first and third-party applications. In contrast, the "OS X" App Store currently houses just 22,000 apps.

The question Lein asks then, is why no tech journalists have published a litany of articles discussing how weak the "OS X" App Store is. From those numbers alone, he suggests that there is a clear lack of interest in publishing Mac-based apps when compared to mobile platforms.

The most obvious answer to this plea however, is the fact that the majority of "OS X" utilities don't depend on the App Store to be installed. Rather than a developer giving a percentage of their "OS X" app sales to Apple by taking that avenue, it makes a lot more sense to publish programs directly to a website to sell them privately.

Regardless, Lein takes the time to posit the idea that the success of a platform doesn't entirely depend on how many apps it can download. Despite the fact that the "OS X" App Store has pitiful support numbers when compared to mobile stores, "OS X's" market share is still growing steadily by the day. It's suggested that Apple unique feature sets are what sell its products. In the future, the journalist argues that the same could be true of "Windows Phone" devices.

At odds with these claims, other journalists have said that "Windows Phone's" problems go deeper than what happens on the "Windows Phone" App Store. A lack of third-party firmware support from certain carriers has sometimes let even flagship phones fall behind the current 8.1 standard.

In that sense, while features could be enough to save "Windows Phone," if its users can't get firmware updates, then some of those features might be missing from their devices altogether.

Do you think it's fair to compare the "Windows Phone" Store to the "OS X" App Store? Is the "Windows Phone" app problem really that big a deal? Share your thoughts in the comments section!  

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