Surface Pro 4 Release Date 2015 With Two Display Sizes, Lower Price. Specs Include Core M And 'Windows 10' [RUMOR]

Surface Pro 3
(Photo : Microsoft/Facebook) After some latent success, sources suggest that Microsoft may be gearing up to release a Surface Pro 4 in 2015. Fresh Chinese rumor reports say that the device may come in two sizes, and it could house an Intel Core M processor. Further speculation claims it may release alongside "Windows 10."

A fresh report from Chinese IT news outlet cnBeta, claims that Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 will launch in two different sizes preloaded with "Windows 10."  Spec assumptions also allege that both devices will include competitive display resolutions and Intel Core M processors.

Following the latent success of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet, several sources have claimed that the company's Surface Pro 4 may soon be on the way. If this latest rumor report is any indication, there are plenty of scandalous tidbits related to possible release dates, specs and more.

Probably the most interesting data to divulge is the commonly held thought that the Surface Pro 4 will launch in two different sizes. Past unsubstantiated reports alleged that a Surface Pro Mini might arrive alongside the traditional 12-inch screen size sku.

However, cnBeta takes that thought one step further by suggesting that the larger flagship model may be getting a little bit bigger. As opposed to the current 12-inch display standard, this news outlet says that the Surface Pro 4 could have a screen as big as 14 inches. Quite puzzling however, is the thought that this larger display would have the same 2160 x 1440 resolution currently seen in the Surface Pro 3.

As far as a more miniature alternative is concerned, this particular report aligns with others that cite that a smaller build is definitely in the works. Specifically, the hypothetical Surface Pro Mini could have an 8-inch display to compete against the likes of Apple's iPad Mini and Google Nexus tablets.

In terms of raw specs and chips, details are somewhat thin on the matter. However, unlike most other sources, cnBeta says that both the Mini and standard Surface Pro 4 models will house Intel Core M processors.

The Core M is currently praised for its efficiency in sustaining long device battery life, but, in most cases, it still lags behind the standard i-series chips found in the Surface Pro 3. Will the Surface Pro 4 release with these shortcomings in mind, or is there an updated version of the Core M on the way? That remains to be seen.

What most folks want to know about the Surface Pro 4 is its projected release date and price. cnBeta doesn't offer much info on those fronts. It does however agree that the Surface Pro 4 will launch sometime in 2015 for a "cheaper price" than its predecessor. There's some indication that Microsoft fans may hear the first official details about the Surface Pro 4 during the upcoming "Windows 10" event on Jan. 21. 

If that's the case, then there's little doubt that Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 will be among the first devices to come preloaded with "Windows 10." If Microsoft's prior release pattern continues, that OS could arrive in October of 2015.

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