Kanye West Doesn’t Want Kim Kardashian Listening to Rap Music while Pregnant

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
(Photo : Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West has apparently issued a diktat that Kim Kardashian can only listen to classical music while she is pregnant, according to news reports.

But why? It has now emerged that Kanye doesn't want his son or daughter to enter the music industry, but rather make a mark as a business person.

"Kanye wants his son or daughter to be educated at a top U.S. university such as Harvard or Yale before embarking on a career in business," an insider told The Daily Star. "He doesn't want the child to become a pop star."

However, it is not a complete no-no for rap. The report suggested that Kanye will be recording child-friendly rap songs for the baby, and hopefully Kim too will lend her voice. These songs will be based on the Dr. Seuss tales, of which Kanye is a huge fan.

"Kanye's really in touch with his feelings. He wants Kim to lay down some vocals while she's carrying his child," a source told the Daily Star. "He thinks it'll be cool for his son or daughter to listen to the track when they're older."

Interestingly, Kanye's "Clique" collaborator Jay Z seems to be the inspiration behind the idea for a baby friendly rap song. When Beyonce Knowles was pregnant with their first child, Jay Z was working on a song, which released two days after Beyonce gave birth of Blue Ivy Carter.

The song is titled "Glory" and is a dedication to his daughter. It starts with a heartbeat and ends with a baby's cries, probably Blue Ivy's, and Time touted this emotional rap as one of the greatest love songs in hip-hop history.

But if Kanye wants to achieve a similar feat, he might want to think of better lyrics than those taken from Dr Seuss tales.

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