Facebook Graph Search May Be Latest But Google Will Remain the “Greatest”- Do You Agree?

  • Jan, 18, 2013, 08:48 PM
Facebook Search Engine
Facebook Search Engine


Facebook laid off to a direct shot at Google and its huge search-engine but that will not work says analysts.

Facebook introduced its next-generation search product in Menlo Park, Calif., this week, a new search tool that lets people hunt their network of friends to find everything from restaurants to movie recommendations.

Graph Search certainly benefits organizations, but it also has unique, valuable and sustainable advantage to the hundreds of millions of people using Facebook. Unlike what we do at Google, we can find people, places, photos and interests based on whom we talk to on Facebook. This is not surprising, says a reporter on PC world.

According to PC World, Facebook provides lot of real-time counsel as you do, though not quite as intuitively as popular search engines like Google and Bing. Graph Search focuses on token-based searches that is, whatever you looking for appear on Facebook once it recognizes your keywords in search.

The rich portraits of connections between people, places, and things all tied to real identities that Google implored for years, now suddenly to be searchable on Facebook.  According to a source, Facebook is like the Web, it could provide answers (who is a good dentist?) and entertainment (show me photos of my friends in Paris).

Google is betting that for most questions, that enormous database will provide better answers than the random sample offered by the average Facebook user's 150 friends.

CNET added that Google wants to answer your question no matter who you are -- and, unlike Facebook, no matter whom you know. The fact that you would have to rely on your friends having visited a good Chinese restaurant to get a decent recommendation is a huge bug, in Google's mind. Sure, it will show you suggestions from friends if it has some to share. Nevertheless, Google wants to answer your question well even if it does not.

It is certain that you would have to depend on your friends having visited a good restaurant to set a pleasant recommendation. In fact, Facebook will show you suggestions from your friends if it has some to share. However, unlike Facebook, Google wants to answer your questions no matter who you are and would provide you the answer to your questions.

It is important to note that several major categories of Google search are yet unaffected by Facebook's entry into the space: video search, product search, flight search, and maps.

Nevertheless, Graph Search is still in beta. So far, Graph Search is available only in English, to a select few beta testers. It cannot search status updates or notes. The recommendation engine for things like plumbers appears to rely heavily on "likes," and how many people have ever liked their plumber on Facebook? 


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