Artist Designs Anti-Drone Garments to Protect Privacy

Stealth Wear
(Photo : Artist Adam Harvey has designed a collection of garments and accessories called Stealth Wear, which is expected to thwart surveillance.

Can fashion challenge surveillance? Artist Adam Harvey believes so, and to prove it he has designed a unique collection of garments and accessories called Stealth Wear.

The collection includes anti-drone hoodies and scarves, XX shirts and the Off pocket, all of which will help the wearer thwart surveillance. While the hoodies and scarves are designed to block thermal imaging, the XX shirt protects the heart from x-ray radiation. The Off pocket is an anti-phone accessory that allows you to instantly zero out your phone's signal, the artist announced in a message on his website.

Explaining how he got into designing anti-surveillance clothing, Harvey explained to Wired that in today's world, privacy and surveillance influence the way people dress and interact with each other.

"I'm very interested in seeing how this will play out in terms of how we treat other's data and how we balance security with privacy. I don't want the next generation to grow up thinking that giving away all of your personal data for free is the norm. If we're on track for total surveillance, then good countermeasures are essential. We're all being tracked, but some of it can be controlled," Harvey told Wired.

And a certain level of control can be brought with Stealth Wear as metallized fabrics shield against thermal imaging cameras. Thus came about the hoodie and the scarf, which will be high in demand in future, believes Harvey. Apart from being stylish, the hoodie also blocks thermal surveillance from above and can block a vertical over shot.

Similar is the case with the scarf, designed to be worn as a hijab, Harvey told Wired."It is also inspired by the rationale behind the hijab, 'the veil which separates man or the world from God', replacing God with drone."

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