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Sandy Hook Hoax Video Goes Viral: Government Behind the Shooting Or No Shooting Took Place, Parents Are Actors [SEE NOW]

Sandy Hook Elementary School
(Photo : Reuters) The Sandy Hook Conspiracy video has gone viral and now the public is speaking up about the "truth" behind the shooting that shook the nation.

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy video has gone viral and now the public is speaking up about the "truth" behind the shooting that shook the nation.

A group called the Sandy Hook "Truthers" believe that the tragedy Adam Lanza caused, shooting and killing 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary was not even real, like it didn't happen, or that it was a government plot to push gun control and put in place new gun trafficking laws.

The video "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed" has gone mega viral. It is a self-produced mini-documentary, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The speaker (who remains anomynous) questions the events around the chaos on Dec. 14, 2012.

"I really try to stress this video was about putting together a bunch of evidence and raising questions that others could research and answer," he wrote.

"[I]t all started when me and my friends used to research 9/11 in high school," the auteur behind the video told Gawker over email. (He declined to give a name or personal information, "due to the sensitivity of the channel and my concern for my security," and signed his emails T.O.T.V., after his YouTube channel's title "ThinkOutsidetTheTV.") "That's what really got me started when it came to researching government cover ups [...] Once I learned about all the false flag attacks in history that have been proven to be true, I knew it was only a matter of time before another came a long."

"When Sandy Hook first happened i just had a feeling like it was all too perfect," T.O.T.V. continued. "I just had this feeling deep down that these people and the whole town had this artificial vibe about them."

Gawker explained that the perceived "artificiality" of the grieving parents is a cornerstone piece of "evidence" produced by Sandy Hook Truther:, the premiere Sandy Hook Truther site on the web, has an entire section called "All Actors," under an enormous header reading "NO TEARS," devoted to videos of families deemed insufficiently grief-stricken.

Many conspiracy theories popped up since the attack, including Newtown didn't happen at all, or there was more than one shooter and not as many kids died, or the parents we saw on TV were actors, or the press is hiding facts about the shooting.

Not everyone agrees that Sandy Hook was a hoax. A letter to the editor on The Daily Tar Heel stressed that it was a tragedy, not a hoax.

"We all need to remember the 20 children, babies really, and six women who died trying to protect them, and stop propagating these ridiculous accusations," the letter said. "I bet all of those families wish it wasn't real."

"Every minute of every day they hope and pray that it wasn't real and they can just wake up from it all. But it was, in fact, real.

"I am very aware that freedom of speech exists and these conspiracy theorists can say whatever they please.

"I beg of all of you not to encourage it though.
And if you're going to agree or spread this filth or whatever you choose to do, please stay off the memorial pages of the victims."

What do you think of the conspiracy theories? Sound off below!

The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed

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