'The Following' Season 3 Spoilers: Teaser Trailer Shows New Cast Members And Premiere Massacre [WATCH]

Ryan Hardy "The Following"
(Photo : Fox/Facebook) Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy will face new challenges in the upcoming third season of "The Following." A recent teaser trailer from Fox showcases what may turn out to be a wedding massacre during the show's premiere episode. Cast members have previously said that love will be a pervasive theme in the next few episodes.

Fans of "The Following" might be interested to know that a new season three trailer has recently surfaced. It offers all kinds of spoiler-filled insight about the upcoming season.

As cited in a previous story, the "Season 3 Preview" shows us that Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy is indeed deeply in love. When he's asked to give a toast at a wedding, he's able to drum up some truly inspired rhetoric about finding that special someone. "When you meet the right girl, you just know," he says.

This montage then cuts to a series of different couples embracing and kissing one another. There are even what appear to be a few quick glimpses of new cast members like "Smallville's" Allison Mack and "24's" Gbenga Akinnagbe if viewers happen to look close enough.

In fact, even agent Mike Weston has joined in on the love-fest to give a quick hug to Hardy. From the look of things, Ryan has come alone, and he may not have seen his FBI colleagues in quite some time.

In typical "The Following" fashion however, this sweet moment suddenly erupts into chaos when a suspicious guest pulls a concealed weapon out of his jacket.

Who is the identity of this assailant? That's one thing that fans of "The Following" will likely have to wait to find out. One thing that is certain however is that it's not "Almost Human" actor, Michael Ealy. In previous reports, his character has been described as season three's main villain.

From what viewers can see, this short clip certainly jives with previous statements made by the show's key cast members about the upcoming episodes. Mike Weston's Shawn Ashmore recently admitted that his character will have abandoned love to track down the cult responsible for murdering his father.

In that regard, it makes complete sense that Weston would arrive to the wedding alone.

As for Mack and Akinnagbe they will have smaller guest roles in "The Following" season three. Mack plays a small-town cop caught up in Ryan's hunt for killers. Akinnagbe is a smooth hostage rescue agent stuck in a similar sort of web.

For those that haven't heard, "The Following" season three begins with a two-hour season premiere on Fox. The episode airs on March 2, 2015.

What do you think of the trailer? Will season three offer the same bone-chilling results as the previous two? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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