“Lord of the Rings”-Antony Gibbon’s Dignified Roost Tree House Advanced Design [PHOTOS]

  • Jan, 15, 2013, 07:27 PM




Gibbon Roost Tree House
Gibbon Roost Tree House


Antony Gibbon's Roost Tree-House looks like a dignified treetop residence taken straight from the elves' forest home of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings!



Gibbon Roost Tree House
Gibbon Roost Tree House


Making use of the principles of bio mimicry, the Roost mimics the organic forms found in nature. This design technique helps to camouflage this structure into the forests as a way to engage nature. The Roost rises up above the forest floor with sleeping quarters, viewing platforms, and spiral stairs.



A series of pod-like capsules makes up the Roost Tree-House. Such pod-like capsules enclose a central staircase that leads to the top of the capsule where an outdoor platform expands high in the tree's canopy. In addition, they are channeled to each tree in a way that neither harms the tree nor prevents it from growing. All capsules have staircases that lead to small living areas. However, only one of the capsules of the Tree House runs to the ground.

The Tree House provides interior spaces for sleeping and each capsule can hold about two people.

The materials involved in the construction of the Roost Tree House would cause no harm to the environment. Eventually, the construction would commence.



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