Apple iPhone 6, iOS 7 Popping Up in Usage Logs- How True?

  • Jan, 01, 2013, 11:27 PM
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6


Traces of iPhone 6 and iOS 7 are popping up in app usage logs.

According to The Next Web, evidence of the next generation iPhone as well as operating system in the pipeline has begun surfacing in the app usage logs. Sources stated that Apple would complete iOS 7′s features in the near future.

The source continued that one iOS developer did mention that there is a device named "iPhone 6,1″ which runs on iOS 7. In addition, this was performing requests from an IP address that is located deep within the bowels of Apple's Cupertino campus.

Sources have indicated that Apple began working on the new version of iOS 7 towards the end of 2012 and is soon to finalize the features that will be included in its first public release.

Certainly, there is no evident that the supplied usage logs are pinched with fake info. The information comes from an unreliable source; therefore, officially it has to confirm. The Next Web states that it believes the logs are legitimate because of the IP. However, keep it as a mustard seed until more information comes out.

Just previous week, rumors leaked that Apple would release a new, "thinner and lightweight" iPad as soon as March. This seemed unlikely, considering that the last iPad and the iPad mini would barely be five months old at that point.

What do you think Apple really testing out the real deal?


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