Artists Give New Meaning to Doomsday Prediction, Say 21.12.12 Marks Beginning of New Era

Dec 22, 2012 06:37 AM EST by Kristyan Morgan


While many doomsday predictors expected the world to end Dec. 21, 2012, for a group of Mexican and American artists, the day marked the beginning of a new era.

With a collaborative art project called Mayan Parade, which celebrates the beginning of a new era in Mexico, the artists have given their personal touches to over 200 fiberglass sculpture of Mayan King Pakal, who predicted the world would "transform" on Dec.  21, 2012.

"We mark this transition, in which the Mayans were talking about a change of era, to show the world a new image of Mexico today, through art," Mexican artist and Mayan Parade organizer Karla de Lara said in a statement.

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Artists from NYC who form the collaborative include Jeremy Penn, Paul Zepeda and Ari Lankin.

Penn, well-known for his pop art paintings, has done up his sculpture in such a way that it has portraits of Mexican icon Maria Felix on both sides, as he believes this represents the past, present and future of Mexico.

Meanwhile, Zepeda's Pakal rendition looks more handmade to "reinforce the fact that our present is the history of the future, and that what we do today will forever define our legacy."


Ari Lankin's work. (PRWEB)
Ari Lankin's work. (PRWEB)


On the other hand, Lankin explores the relationship between viewers and the symbols found in art. Explaining his work, Lankin said that the “black and white side relates to the codes and symbols of the Mayan relics. The colorful side is inspired by the cyclical nature of Mayan theology and time. The gold and silver face represents purity and prosperity and reflects the energy of the present by literally reflecting the people viewing the Pakal.”

These sculptures will be exhibited in Mexico and other galleries around the world. They will be exhibited throughout Europe, South America, Canada and the U.S. before being auctioned to raise funds for Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology and History, Mayan Parade organizers announced in a press statement.


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