Google's X Phone Plans to Rival Apple, Samsung Might Affect Relationship with OEM Partners

Google- Motorola
(Photo : Reuters) Google is planning to coming out with an X Phone next year in a bid to end the dominance of Apple and Samsung products in the digital market.

The announcement of Google's plans to launch the X Phone in collaboration with Motorola may set off its other Original Equipment Manufacturer partners, especially Samsung. Google had earlier partnered with Samsung for Galaxy Nexus, for which Samsung had provided the hardware and Google's Android 4.0 was used as the operating system.

However, with the production of X Phone on the anvil, "it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Google is obviously going to direct most of its resources and innovation towards Motorola over other OEM partners -- even one as powerful and important as Samsung," ZDNet reported.

It is imperative for Google to maintain a good relationship with Samsung, as the company has a 40 percent share of the Android market, while Motorola has a mere 3 percent. "Samsung has become the biggest smart phone maker in the world, thanks in no small part to a warm relationship with Google -- but it's also a rival to Motorola," the Christian Science Monitor reported. Therefore, "Google and Motorola have to carefully navigate their delicate relationships with other companies that make Android handsets -- especially Samsung."

As per the Wall Street Journal report, Google is designing an X Phone to usurp the top slots held by Apple and Samsung products in the digital market. Engineers in Motorola, which was acquired by Google early this year for $12.5 billion, are designing a handset with features that are set to rival the current products flooding the market, the report said.

And an X tablet is set to follow the phone, the Journal reported. The X Phone will hit the market sometime next year and the tablet might take a year or two.

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