Google Modeling "X Phone" to Put Apple and Samsung Smartphones Behind

  • Dec, 21, 2012, 09:19 PM
Google X Phone
Google X Phone


According to The Wall Street Journal, Google and Motorola are designing a brand new "X phone" competing Apple and Samsung Smartphones.

Motorola and Google appear to have big plans for the X Phone. Motorola is examining materials that would make the display more flexible and less likely to crack or break under pressure. In addition, the company wants to include better camera software and gesture recognition while simultaneously boosting battery life.

The X Phone would run a pure version of the OS that comes directly from Google.

Last year a lot of questions were risen when Google bought Motorola for $12.5 billion. Is it for Motorola's portfolio of patents? On the other hand, did Google dream to put the Motorola Company's engineers to work on its own project?

According to a source, a former Google sales executive Dennis Woodside told the Wall Street Journal that the company is "investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches."

He added that until now Motorola has been "under hard times," but it could do better now since Google is involved.

Would Google and Motorola design a handset that stands apart from everything else on the market?


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