Apple’s God-like Steve Jobs was “Visionary” not Tim Cook

  • Dec, 15, 2012, 11:11 PM
Apple COO Tim Cook and CEO Steve Jobs remove their microphones after a news conference at Apple headquarters in Cupertino
(Photo : Reuters) Apple COO Tim Cook (L) and CEO Steve Jobs remove their microphones after a news conference at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, July 16, 2010.

Apple fans loved Steve Jobs for his fearless leadership. He found a way to help the company in any worst situation. Apple fans have historically rejoiced at the very mention of his name.

Numerous books and articles revealed late Jobs as God-like "Boss", who always was the best and manufactured the "best".

Famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said that Jobs' "single playbook" was to "invent a new product category, start with 100 percent market share, and then every day that goes by, lose market share until some terminal outcome."

However, after Tim Cook took over Apple as the new CEO, he has not quite hit the same level of iconic status as his predecessor.

Earlier, Steve Jobs reportedly told President Obama "the jobs aren't coming back", when asked at a dinner in early 2011 whether Apple would consider moving some of its manufacturing from China to the United States, according to Bloomberg Business Week. However, recently Steve Jobs' successor might have a softer response for Obama: Yes, we can.

Therefore, Apple plans to shift production of one of its Mac computers from China to the United States in 2013. This move may silence the critics of labor practices at its contract manufacturers in China. In addition, it can bring more jobs and training to domestic workers.

"Cook is a gentler being in terms of how he projects himself," says Carolina Milanesi, a Gartner analyst. For her, that is partly of necessity.

"Few people would tolerate Jobs-like arrogance in a new CEO - but it is also a reflection of Cook's personality," she added, according to the source.

Apple seems to have noticed the sluggish state of the economy and perhaps wants to make up for some of the jobs lost to the company's previous outsourcing with so-called "re-shoring."

As the largest company in the world, Apple has become a symbol of corporate power and abuse.

To many Apple fans, Cook is simply the person that is able to rein in Apple's executives and handle the company's many moving parts. Cook is not a visionary to many Apple fans; he is the typical chief executive.

Whereas Jobs inspired all kinds of laudatory discussions and talk of his genius, Cook is just there. In addition, for the most part, today's consumers have ignored him, deciding instead to focus on Apple's products.

Apple is number one but Tim Cook is not.

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