Strip Club Wants To Hire Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
(Photo : Reuters) New York City strip club Scores has offered to foot Lindsay Lohan’s storage locker bill if she will work for their online site,

Lindsay Lohan's money woes seem to be never-ending. First the IRS and now it's a storage unit company. According to TMZ, Lindsay's storage locker, along with all its contents, will soon be on the auction block if the starlet fails to pay $16,000 to the storage unit company.

The locker is said to contain Lindsay's designer clothes, family heirlooms and other private items that might embarrass Lindsay if made public, TMZ said. However, despite the impending auction, Lindsay's agent has turned down several endorsement offers, much to father Michael Lohan's frustration. "One deal is for $100,000 for a phone application which blocks unwanted calls," Michael told RadarOnline. "The other is for $30,000 for a 'Don't Drink and Drive message!'"

"At a time like this with Lindsay's IRS woes and $16,000 in unpaid storage, running the risk of it all being auctioned off, it's absolutely crazy that her team would disregard these deals!!"

"If Lindsay's things in storage were to get auctioned, wouldn't that be even more embarrassing?"

Embarrassing or not, but Lindsay might still have an opportunity to save her contents from being sold off, as an unusual source has come to her rescue.

TMZ reported that strip club Scores in NYC is offering to foot the bill if Lindsay will work for their online site And all she has to do is act as a video chat host for the website. In addition to the above, the strip club has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay's Beverly Hills mansion. However, it is not yet clear if Lindsay will accept the offer.

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