Apple and Samsung Fight: Stop the Fight Please, Says California Judge

  • Dec, 07, 2012, 10:16 AM
Apple vs Samsung
(Photo : Facebook) Apple is attempting to get a permanent ban on the sale of several Samsung electronic products in the U.S. with the theory that they infringe Apple’s patents as their main argument.

Apple and Samsung met again in a California Court for their patent fight on Thursday, Dec. 6.

The Californian Judge Lucy Koh was handling the issue. They discussed about various issues in which Apple's injunction against Samsung, the fairness of $1 billion credit and the credibility of Velvin Hogan are the key issues.

Peace would be: "Good for consumers, good for the industry and good for the parties," said Judge Koh.

The judge was focused on solving the issue between the companies to which Samsung was completely willing. "We are willing to talk. The ball is in their (Apple's) Court," the company responded.

All these days both the companies tried many times for a compromise which they have never attained.

This fight between the companies is going on very strong resulting in damage of their market in various places of the world. Both of the companies have won in various small battles in different places but still no end to the fight.

The leaders of both the company are going on persistently for the final victory. This has left the fans of both the companies to think who will win finally Apple or Samsung? 



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