Heidi Klum Dazzles in Cleopatra Costume

Heidi Klum
(Photo : Heidi Klum was dressed as Cleopatra for her much-delayed Halloween bash held on Saturday.

Halloween in December? Well, supermodel Heidi Klum is game for it, and she proved her point by decking up as Cleopatra for the Haunted Holiday party.

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York shores in November, Klum decided to postpone her annual Halloween bash to December and decided to call it the Haunted Holiday party, which was finally held Saturday at the Finale Nightclub.

And Klum was the showstopper at the event, which saw her dressed in a golden sparkly gown teamed with a floor-length cape. Klum completed the look with an ornate headdress featuring five cobra heads worn under dark dreadlocks.

Adding to the sparkle, Klum even had her face covered with tiny rhinestones. Much before the event, Klum gave her fans a sneak peek of her get up via Twitter. “Getting ready with Bill Corso for my Haunted Holiday Party!” she tweeted alongside a photo of her getting rhinestones glued on to her face.

"Getting ready with Bill Corso for my Haunted Holiday Party!” (

Analyzing her costume choice, the Huffington Post reported that “it was definitely a complete 180 from the recent divorcée's couple costume from last year, which put her and former husband Seal in uncomfortably realistic ape getups.”

For last Halloween, the now estranged couple was dressed up in his and her version of apes in an attempt to show the link between man and ape. Fake fur, prosthetic breasts and face makeup gave the look a realistic touch.

Meanwhile, for this year’s bash, Klum’s date on the red carpet was a chubby faced Santa Claus, who looked tiny beside the Project Runway host. His costume choice is timely, considering Christmas festivities are just round the corner.

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