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  • Nov, 30, 2012, 02:59 PM
iTunes 11


Apple Inc. released iTunes 11 yesterday Nov. 29.

Apple promised to release iTunes 11 in November and the company has kept its promise by releasing the new version yesterday. The announcement regarding the new iTunes was made in the mid-September. This new update is for both Windows and Mac.

The new iTunes is mind-blowing and it also has fixed some of the bugs in the last version, iTunes 10. The new look makes it attractive. Stripped-Down Interface, Up Next, New MiniPlayer and the iCloud Streameth are the features that makes iTunes 11 wonderful.

The Stripped Down Interface in the new update displays edge-to-edge grid of album covers from the music library with the playback controls in the last version in the top left corner. Also this version consolidates the music view options in the bar above the album grid display. Switching between different media like movies is very easy with the pop-up menu. Clicking on the thumbnail of an album displays the expanded view of individual songs. In the same way clicking on the thumbnail of movies displays the full description of the movie.

The Up Next feature that is been introduced in the new version allows the user to view the next song that is going to be played. Clicking on the three-line Up Next icon allows the user to view the list of next 20 songs that's going to be played next. Tracks can also be added on the queue during the song play.

MiniPlayer also allows the up next feature to be accessed through it. TheMiniPlayer features the search field which allows the user to search songs to add in the queue and also the AirPlay controls. Taking the mouse pointer over the MiniPlayer displays the playback controls.

The iCloud feature allows the user to download video files which they want. The media files which are there in the media library which are not in the hard drive can also be downloaded and saved in the hard drive using the iCloud feature.

To conclude we can say that the new update is really an worthy update for iTunes users and gives them the pleasure of music not only in their ears but also to their eyes.



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