Five Shortlisted Architecture Firms for Town Branch Commons in Lexington, Kentucky Redesign Announced

  • Nov, 26, 2012, 06:36 PM

Five architecture firms were shortlisted to redesign the Town Branch Commons in Lexington, Kentucky.

The development authority received over 23 proposals for the plan to bring the underground Town Branch Creek to the surface. The plan also includes the Commons redesign with an effort to link the eastern and western areas of downtown Lexington by an extension of green space.

"People can expect some high-level proposals", said Speaks, the dean of University of Kentucky's College of Design. "We will be the beneficiaries, and the city will get a high-quality project." 

Though exposing the "hidden" creek might be challenging as it is underground for more than 100 years, the development authority Lexington city put their trust in the five shortlisted firms that they will come up with a good and successful project.

Mayor Jim Gray shared with that the design has a real impact to drive people and businesses to the city. "It has happened in other cities, it would happen here in Lexington." He added.

The five shortlisted firms include:

  • Civitas, a Denver-based firm of architects, urban designers and planners.
  • Coen+Partners, a landscape architecture practice.
  • Inside Outside, a Netherlands-design firm which deals with interior and exterior space.
  • JDS / Julien De Smedt Architects, a firm located in Copenhagen, Denmark which focuses on architecture and design from large-scale planning.
  • SCAPE / Landscape Architecture, a landscape architecture and urban design studio in New York City.

The final proposals will be shown in February in a public symposium where the final design will be selected by a jury.



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