'Gone Girl' Author Talks Unhappy Endings And Adapting Book Into Screenplay

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Gillian Flynn
(Photo : Getty Images - Dimitrios Kambouris) Gillian Flynn at the World Premiere of 'Gone Girl' during the 52nd New York Film Festival on September 26, 2014 in New York City.

Gillian Flynn, writer of both the "Gone Girl" book and its screenplay, doesn't like happy endings.

"I love unhappy endings, I'm all about the unhappy ending. I will not give you what you want," the 43-year-old author, a former journalist, said at this week's THR Hollywood roundtable, which also featured Chris Rock, writer of "Top Five," and Jon Favreau, writer of "Swingers."

"[Unhappy endings] are not the most satisfying, [but they] are the most correct and true," Gillian explained. "I remember being 5 years old, seeing that movie ["Bad News Bears"] in theaters and first they lose, and you think, 'What's happening now? They lost.' And then the team comes over and apologizes, and you expect the Bad News Bears to gracefully accept their apology, and instead the kid's like, 'Take your trophy and stick it up your ass!' And I was like, 'This movie is great!'"

While it is rare for novelists to be given the opportunity to pen their book's screenplay, Gillian was afforded such a luxury, although it was more difficult than she had anticipated. The short, rigid screenplay format made her feel claustrophobic at times, she said, as she was used to the unbridled creative freedom of novel writing.

"I realize how decadent writing a novel is. You really own this world, you can do whatever you want to it. You can go inside people's minds," Gillian said. "'Gone Girl' has a lot of internal monologues, so it was a big struggle to figure out how to have them show you who they were instead of like, 'Here's about me.' The entire time I was adapting the screenplay I had a giant sticky note above my computer that said, 'IT IS A MOVIE!' to remind myself to not try to take everything from the book that I liked and jam it all in."

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