Android of This Week: Google Nexus and Google Airplay

  • Nov, 24, 2012, 03:47 PM
Google Nexus LTE


A tear down of the Smart phone fixed the LTE chip inside the Nexus 4. Android devices are exceeding in the device and its service. This LTE chip alone won't bring the extended LTE services; it turns out as a power amplifier for LTE brand.

In the last report it has been said that, " we have asked Google To comment on this hidden LTE Band and its functional" for that Google has been responding that on this week Google Nexus has been ensuring the notice of switch single settings and on this week by LTE they got their Skype Updated.

This version improves the usage facility and improves voice Quality and tablets are gaining a interface for larger screens.  First the tablet vision was too low but the portrait mode on the smart phone makes it simple by LTE and challenging the android Apps across the world. The company is working on an Air-Play like feature has already implemented.

Janko Roettgers, Explains:

"And it's not just about remote control functionality and beaming a video from your mobile phone to the TV we are talking about. The new protocol makes it possible for data to flow in both directions, Dray son explained, which would enable developers to build second-screen experiences that correspond to what's happening on live TV as well. Also on the roadmap: beaming content from your laptop to your TV screen."

For now, this LTE has been a greater upgrade and it is increasing a lot in its substitute and in network.  Enjoying this Feature is Great and supplement content like Smart phone and tablet is enhancing the Experience.  


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