Apple iPad Mini- a Short Overview

  • Nov, 22, 2012, 07:35 PM
iPad mini


Apple Inc. has come up with its new iPad Mini.

As reported by one of the Apple insiders, "The iPhone 5 shipments are catching up with demand". But right away Apple Inc. has released its iPad Mini.

After the first week of sales, Apple has reported that its customers have snapped up 3 million models of the iPad Mini. Apple has confirmed that it will start shipping the cellular versions of the model this week.

The mind-blowing feature of the iPad has increased its market along with iPhone 5. Its 7.9-inch perfectly sized LED-backlit display gives a complete iPad experience. It has all the features that an iPad should have but its the fraction of its size. It's 7.2 mm, 23% thinner than iPad and 0.68 lb which is 53% lighter than an iPad. Its pencil thin and unbelievably light.

The other outstanding features are its built-in apps, powerful A5 chip, 10 hours battery life, HD video recording, 5.0 MP images, Built-in advanced Wi-Fi technology, cellular connectivity up to the latest LTE, intelligent assistant Siri, airplay streaming, stylish smart cover and lightening to 30-pin adaptor.

The smaller, thinner and lighter frame makes it more comfortable to carry it anywhere the user wants it to take. It can also be held in the palm and can be inserted into the smallest bag without a conflicting thought. Its strength is that it is very much handy. It also has its well powered processors, which can accelerate the running apps. Some of the heavy games and apps such as the Infinity Blade II, RAM intensive music creation apps, I movie and Garage Band works greatly. Its battery life is very long compared to any other smart devices such as Nexus 7. Some of the users say," it's very hard to drain its battery even if activities such as surfing and listening music is done for a long time".

iPad Mini also has some drawbacks which have to be considered before getting one. Users say that its comfortable to hold it horizontally but which causes muscle fatigue if it's held single handed for a long time due to its width comparatively Nexus 7 is okay. Mini loses impressive visuals as compared to 3G iPads which has retina display. For first time users Mini is a great device. But if the user is the one who switches between the devices with retina display or Nexus 7, Mini's display is definitely a back slide. Its smart cover has only 3 segments whereas the other iPads' covers have 4 segments which is very safe probably third parties may come out with a good one it the future.

On the whole if the user has never used a tablet iPad is a great device. But if the user has already used a tablet with retina display it's going to be a tough time. Other than the display, iPad Mini is great. Its one among the great contributions of Apple Inc.



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