Apple iPhone 5s or iPhone 6? Whats Next?

  • Nov, 22, 2012, 12:28 PM


Apple's next most awaited release is doubted whether it would be iPhone 5s or iphone6.

 Apple Inc. has released its iPhone 5, five months ago. As its next release is rumored to be in the mid-2013, a question has raised among the company's fans whether it's going to be iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s. This rumor has aroused because the company released iPhone 4s when its fans were waiting for iPhone 5.

After releasing iPhone, the company released iPhone 3GS in which 'S' stood for speed. 'S' in iPhone 4s stood for siri. If it is iPhone 5s, what would the 'S' stand for? It may stand for "Security" with additional feature of finger print security. The phone may expected to have ios 7 and the buyers may expect a similar design.

Other smart phones like Galaxy S4 are also expected to be released in the mid-2013. If so, which one would be the first? Most likely Apple would release it smartphone first as it has already gone through a bitter experience in releasing iPhone 5 with S3.

The company is also expected to release next generation iPad (iPad 5) along with its new smart phone.



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