High Fashion Jailbird Lindsay Lohan’s Probation to be Revoked

Lindsay Lohan
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This Thanksgiving, Lindsay Lohan might be wearing an orange jumpsuit if a California judge decides to deal strongly with the "Mean Girls" star.

According to, a judge plans to revoke Lohan’s probation for jewelry theft as she broke the law by lying to police officials. The actress was in a car accident early this year and when questioned she said her assistant was behind the wheels, when in fact she was driving.

According to’s legal expert, the judge can put her in jail immediately. “Lindsay has a criminal record, so it is likely the judge will revoke her probation, and generally probation is revoked immediately. He could put her in jail immediately, and that’s exactly what I think he will do. Given her history, any sensible judge will lock her up.

“She cannot be trusted, and she cannot drive. She is putting people’s public welfare in danger. She has already been sentenced before, so the judge has a good case against her. She could be given the same sentence as last time, or she may be sentenced to the remainder of her original term. With a violation of probation, there is no hope of bail.”

If sentenced, this wouldn’t be Lohan’s first time in prison. Since 2007 she has been in and out of prison a number of times, making her all-too-familiar with the orange jumpsuit.

Interestingly, each time before she is whisked off to prison, Lohan has displayed an impeccable fashion sense. Not surprising, as Lohan seems to have attended more court hearings than red carpet events.

Her courtroom attire ranges from formals to casuals and her hair color has changed from blond to brunette to red. But she has always been a high fashion jail bird.

For instance, in one of her court appearances in July 2010, Lohan spotted a pair of skinny legging-style jeans that she teamed with a crop top and peep-toe boots. Similarly, during another appearance last year, Lohan looked cleaned up in a white Fendi frock that she paired with Guiseppe Zanotti peep-toe pumps and a white scarf.

On another occasion it was a blue buttoned-up suit.

However, it remains to be seen what fashion Lohan would embrace at the upcoming hearing.

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