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Disney Movies Online Shutting Down

Disney Movies Online
(Photo : Disney Movies Online) Disney Movies Online allowed users to buy, rent or watch Disney movies online instantly.

The Walt Disney Company has decided to shut down its web movie services called Disney Movies Online, stating that the website did not attract customers.

Disney Movies Online allowed users to buy, rent or watch Disney movies online. The website had a collection of close to 280 movies, including the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Winnie the Pooh, High School Musical and many others.

But certain limitations in the site failed to draw customers. For example, customers couldn't download movies and watch it offline and the website only allowed movies to be streamed on web browsers.

The site would be unavailable from Dec. 1, the company announced.

"The digital environment is rapidly evolving and Disney Movies Online does not have the flexibility that many users today demand," a Disney spokesperson said to the Washington Post. "We made a business decision to close the service until we are able to provide the greatest value and experience to our customers."

However, the company didn't announce when the replacement service, Disney Movie Anywhere, would be launched.

As of Monday, movies are no longer available for purchase or rent and existing movies can be streamed until December 31.

People who have bought movies earlier are being offered certain complementary services. For instance, those who purchased a Disney Combo pack with Digital Copy, the Digital Copy can now transfer and watch from either iTunes or Windows Media Player.

And refunds are being offered to those who bought or upgraded movies.

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