LF Date Is The Tinder For Gamers

(Photo : Youtube / videogamedunkey) LF Date is a new dating app designed primarily for video game enthusiasts.

LF Date is a new dating app designed primarily for video game enthusiasts, Tech Times reported.

Co-founded by Raymond Walintukan, LF Date is a bit different from other dating apps, such as Tinder.

For one, users of the app use avatars instead of profile pictures. According to Walintukan, this method takes away the idea of being judged based on physical appearance.

Also, even though dating sites for gamers already exist, such as and, they still follow traditional online dating procedures.

"Instead of encouraging users to judge other potential mates through superficial means (such as profile pictures), LF Date focuses on bringing people together through a shared love of gaming," Walintukan stated in the app's press release.

After selecting and customizing an avatar for their profiles, users list down video game titles they currently own and those they want to play in the future. This is accompanied by a schedule as to when they wish to play those games.

Two users who share the same gaming interests can then connect with one another through LF Date. They can then set up a date to play the games they want to play based on their schedule and availability.

After spending time together, the users can rate how well their game dates went through the app.

"We're very excited to introduce a gamer twist to online dating," Walintukan said. "We believe that gamers can make real connections and find compatible mates by playing games together as opposed to traditional online dating methods."

"LF Date is a fun, safe and anonymous way for gamers to date each other," he added.

To gain support for the app, the creators of LF Date created a Kickstarter campaign. The project was launched on Sept. 29, and as of today, LF Date has raised over $800, according to the app's Kicktraq page.

The campaign will end on Oct. 29 ,and the app is expected to go live for iOS and Android devices in November of this year.

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