‘Far Cry 4’ Dev Thinks Linear Games Are ‘Going To Suffer’

Far Cry 4
(Photo : Youtube / IGN) Alex Hutchinson, the creative director of “Far Cry 4,” strongly believes that a game’s graphic resolution should not be a controversial topic in the gaming industry.

Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Ubisoft's "Far Cry 4," believes linear games or those that strictly follow a storyline as the industry enters a new market, according to Total Xbox.

According to Hutchinson, the popularity of game-streaming sites such Twitch will make it harder for linear games to thrive among players.

"I'm really interested in emergent games and where that's going with video sharing and Twitch," he said. "I think linear story games are really going to suffer in the modern marketplace."

Hutchinson explained that the reason behind the potential downfall of narrative-based games lies in its repetitive nature.

Although most of these kinds of games have multiple gameplay features and modes, gamers will eventually get tired of the repetitive nature of its overall storyline, according to Games Radar.

Another factor that could affect the popularity of linear games is those that feature an open world setting. This allows gamers endless ways on how to tackle the game.

"They're already super high-quality, and we're already seeing their audiences migrate to the big open world games," Hutchinson sad.

"If I open my friends list and see everybody on the same mission, doing the same thing...I think that's nowhere near as strong a sales pitch as opening your friends list and seeing 40 people doing completely different things," he added.

As an example of how open world games will dominate the gaming industry, Ubisoft recently boasted that "Far Cry 4" is not a typical shooter game.

The game's open world feature will allow players to fully interact with their character's surroundings and use various elements to accomplish their tasks.

Aside from only relying on guns, the game's director Patrik Methe players can use animals and other characters to take down their enemies, according to Venture Beat.

"That's part of the game, finding ways to use the systems," he said. "We're not a typical shooter, where your guns are your only options."

"We want to emphasize that there are multiple options, whether it's the animals or the guns for hire," he added. You can tackle a situation in multiple ways."

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