Identities: 28 Questions With Esteemed, Rome-Born Interior Designer Alessandra Branca!


For this week's "Identities", we had the pleasure of interviewing Alessandra Branca -- the interior designer known for "fusing chic, old-world craftsmanship with energy and practicality in all she designs." She is notable for her striking use of color, particularly her significant love for red, that is translated throughout most of her creative projects. The Rome-born designer has developed her own fabric collection, as well as a line of Branca home and fashion accessories. Her design firm is located in Chicago, yet she travels frequently between New York, Rome and Harbour Island to please her global clientele. Enjoy finding out what keeps this beloved designer doing what she loves.

(Photo : Courtesy of Alessandra Branca)

MB: Your ideal client is?

AB: Engaged & passionate - one who understands how important the collaborative process is to the success of a project.

MB: Inspired by?

AB: Anyone passionate who loves what they do!

MB: Favorite item in your closet?

AB: Pearls my husband gave me...they are Tahitian. 

MB: Travel essentials? 

AB: iPhone, iPad, great carry-on because I only usually fly with a carry-on...I have a wonderful collection of travel luggage.

MB: You're different because? 

AB: I am myself, not trying to be anyone else. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Alessandra Branca - Interiors )

MB: Favorite quote? 

AB: Aunty Mame- "Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

MB: Vacation Spot?

AB: I feel you don't live if you haven't been to new places, so the place you have never been to before.

MB: Latest trend? 

AB: Not to follow trend, hate to say it...

MB: First thing in the A.M.? 

AB: Day dream - only uninterrupted time I have. 

MB: Idol/Icon? 

AB: Aunt Mame- she was chic through it all. 

MB: Designer/brand you would wish to collaborate with? 

AB: Marni, Prada, Etro. 

MB: Career in your next life? 

AB: Kindergarten teacher...start them young, keep the flame much is established at that age of our lives.

MB: Best advice you've ever been given? 

AB: Stay true to yourself - don't try to be what other people want you to be.

(Photo : Courtesy of Alessandra Branca - Interiors )


MB: What is in your purse at all times? 

AB: Blackberry and iPhone.

MB: Drink of choice?

AB: Glass of good Brunello 

MB: Favorite film?

AB: I don't have a favorite...any film that transports you either back in time or to another world...I love the escapism of a good film.

MB: Book you could read every year?

AB: Any of the Mitford books or Edith Wharton.

MB: ________ keeps you happy?

AB: My husband...God bless him.

MB: The song in your head? 

AB: "K Sera Sera"...or "The Way You Look Tonight."

(Photo : Courtesy of Alessandra Branca - Interiors )


MB: Color of choice?

AB: Red.

MB: Recent self-discovery?

AB: That I am a work in progress and it is the best news of all.

MB: Favorite childhood memory? 

AB: Walking through the streets of Rome and getting lost...still one of my favorite things to do.

MB: Women should always...?

AB: Love who they are.

MB: Men should always...?

AB: Not be afraid to fail.

MB: Most proud of?

AB: My children

MB: A great idea is? 

AB: Wait for the best thing...make every effort to only get what you love.

MB: More or less? 

AB: Less. We should all live with less...have more quality and less stuff.

MB: Your legacy is?

AB: Having been real...true to who we are...never, ever losing faith to be the best I can be, and never settling...keep working hard.

(Photo : Courtesy of Alessandra Branca)

To learn more and shop her collections, visit Alessanda Branca

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