Apple Pay Working Overseas With US-Based Credit Cards



Although Apple Pay is currently only available to US citizens, it appears the new mobile payment system is already working overseas just one day after its launch, 9to5Mac reports.

According to the website, an Apple Pay user with a US-based credit card has been able to make purchases using the system at a retailer in Australia:

"Apple Pay works anywhere there’s existing PayPass or payWave terminals – and in Australia we’ve got plenty of them…While Apple restricts cards to US issued cards, they do work with Apple Pay just fine elsewhere.”

Beau notes that Apple Pay appears to be based on the region set on a user’s device and is not necessarily tied to an iTunes account (although it does offer the option to use a card on file through an Apple ID). Users abroad can make Apple Pay settings appear by changing their region to United States in Settings>General>Language & Region>Region."

The feature is available in the US now with the iOS 8.1 update, but will be available in additional countries starting next year, according to The Verge.

Apple Pay uses the Passbook app, Touch ID, Near Field Communication and another secure element to process payments. Users can take a photo of their cards or enter their information manually to add it to their device for Apple Pay. Merchants will not be able to view the user's card number, however, as a one-time number and dynamic security code will be used for each payment.

At launch, more than 220,000 merchants were ready for the feature. All major credit cards are signed up, as well as major retailers including Panera Bread, Uber, Disney, Starbucks, Groupon, Target, Staples,, Whole Foods and Sephora.

"People have dreamed of replacing these for years," Apple CEO Tim Cook said of card-based payment systems at Apple's September event. "But most have been a disappointment or not yet worked well enough for mainstream adoption."

Apple Pay will also be compatible with Apple Watch, the tech giant's first smartwatch, when the device releases next year.


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