Hurricane Sandy: Lindsay Lohan wants Hurricane to be Called Sassy

Lindsay Lohan
(Photo : Celebrity Lindsay Lohan renamed Hurricane Sandy as Sally and Sassy saying these names are less threatening.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be in a different world altogether. After giving Hurricane Sandy two new nicknames – Sally and Sassy – she is now wondering why people are panicking.

She tweeted: “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.”

Lohan and her friends seem be on a mission to get Hurricane Sandy renamed Sassy, because they believe it is much less threatening.

"That is so much more comforting... much less threatening, no?" Zap2It quoted the star.
Lindsay’s friend Alex Goldschmidt too seems to be pitching for Sassy. “We all know it's really #HurricaneSassy. And by we, I mean the cool people,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s positivity seems to be contagious, as a lot of celebrities are displaying their witty side to keep the air light against, as Hurricane Sandy slams the East Cost.

Soon after the hurricane turned into Jersey Shore, a twitter user tweeted: “Made a turn for the South Jersey Shore heading directly for @snooki” and wondered "how can this NOT be a sign from God?" E!Online reported.

Displaying her sense of humor, Snooki replied, "Lol u wish."

According to the website, actor RuPaul, too, decided humor was the best medicine, tweeting: "FrankenStorm NYC: People in very long line at grocery store are drunk on hysteria. I decided to buy chocolate at deli instead."

However, the severity of the storm is not lost on several others. Television host Larry King tweeted saying that though he has anchored many hurricanes, winter storms and earthquakes, he hasn’t seen anything like Hurricane Sandy.

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