Best Toys Guide Releases 2012 Holiday Hot Toys List

  • Sep, 21, 2012, 01:26 PM
Best Toys Guide Releases 2012 Holiday Hot Toys List
(Photo : Best Toys Guide) Children's toy guide for the above-average parent.

September is the month when savvy moms and dads start scouring stores and searching the internet for toys to present to their little ones on Christmas morning. Lucky for them, this year's holiday shopping just got easier. To help ensure that the toys that parents will be snatching off the shelves this season match the letters kids everywhere are scribbling to Santa, is cutting the ribbon on its much-anticipated list of the hot toys for Christmas 2012.

The web-based company began its rigorous toy review process back in January, and has worked hard throughout the year to compile their comprehensive list featuring 30 of the most sought-after toys that boys and girls of all ages are hoping to see under the tree this year.

"Advancements being made in the toy industry this year are something to get excited about. New technology like augmented reality adds a new dimension to the play experience while fresh takes on classic toys bring favorites back to life," said Alex Lum, President of

There's one thing for sure - the Best Toys Guide team takes toys very seriously. Unlike many toy review companies on the web today, they're 100% devoted to providing genuine, honest reviews based off of their hands on experience with each toy. To give eager moms and dads a sneak-peek at its list of the 2012 top toys, Best Toys Guide has revealed a few of the hottest toys that will make the list this year. Some of their favorites were the LeapFrog LeapPad 2, NERF Elite Hail-Fire, Melissa & Doug Suspend, and Vtech Switch & Go Dinos.

In honor of the millions of children across the globe who are hoping Santa gets it right this year, Best Toys Guide is also hosting multiple giveaways throughout the season including Giveaway Mondays, the Toy-a-Day giveaway, as well as the Ultimate 2012 Christmas Toys Giveaway which - much like the proverbial elephant in the room - is apparently too big to even discuss.

Social media has given the company a new venue for toy talk this year. Their Facebook page will be abuzz throughout the holiday season as Best Toys Guide's dedicated team of reviewers share their insights, analysis, and toy-by-toy comparisons. Parents are encouraged to use the page to swap stories about their children's latest requests, toy raves, and playtime mishaps. In addition, experts will be on hand to answer toy-related questions posted on the company Facebook page as the biggest toy day of the year approaches.

"We're striving to build a community," Alex says. "We want to hear feedback, and we want people to get involved."

Curious moms and dads can also view video demonstrations of the hottest toys in action on Best Toy Guide's YouTube Channel located at Subscribers can view videos on the channel which features clips of interactive toy demonstrations and brief tutorials, as well as the highlights and distinctive features of each toy. Full reviews including detailed descriptions as well as the pros and cons of a product can be accessed at the company's website.


Best Toys Guide was founded by toy-lover and self-proclaimed kid-at-heart, Alex Lum. Since 2007, the company has been providing consumers with honest reviews based on hands-on testing. Since that time, the company has grown from a small, start-up website to one of the leading independent toy news resources on the web. The company strives to help the "above-average" parent make informed decisions about their toy purchases and keep kids happy by ensuring that the toys their parents buy are high-quality, and most importantly loads of fun.


(Source: Best Toys Guide)





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